Collection: Flat Back Bars 1mm(18g) & 1.2mm(16g) - labret studs

Jewellery with flat backs - labret studs.

Ideal for helix, tragus, forward helix, lip, labret, monroe/madonna, medusa/philtrum, conch & earlobe piercings. The flat back adds extra comfort.

1.2mm(16g) is the standard size for helix, tragus & forward helix piercings.

All Lip piercings are standard 1.6mm(14g) but are commonly downsized to 1.2mm(16g).

Conch piercing standard size is 1.6mm(14g) but is often downsized to a thinner 1.2mm(16g).

Industrial piercing standard size is 1.6mm(14g) but can be downsized to x2 1.2mm(16g) bars.